9 Mar 2015

Innisfree Shadow Pencil #7 Brown City Review

Hello, girls. I'm back with a review of Korean product that I got from Rini Cesillia's giveaway. It's been a long time since I got this. I almost forgot that I have this product so I made its review just now. This is my first product from Innisfree and my first time to have eyeshadow in pencil type. It is my current favorite eye makeup product. Keep reading to know why I love it.


1. Quick & easy eye make up dual type added (Dual type: #4 Cherry Blossoms , #9 Lavender)
2. Various colours creamy texture
3. Long-lasting waterproof.

Made In Korea   

Innisfree Shadow Pencil #7 Brown City
The packaging is simple, attractive and quite fat. This shadow pencil has a clear lid that makes easy to see the content. It is an automatic type so it is hygienic and makes your finger keep clean. Although it is quite fat, this product is lightweight. This product is travel friendly. It comes with a small product around 3 cm.

Innisfree Shadow Pencil
Source: ibuybeauti.com
Innisfree Shadow Pencil has 10 beautiful glittery colors. But only 2 shades which have 2 colors inside. The texture is creamy which I love because it makes easier to spread. I have a great interest in this product because it is waterproof and smudge proof when it is set. In fact, it still leaves the glitters after washed with soap. About the scent, it smells like crayon. Do not use for coloring your drawing book and keep it from children. Because your shadow pencil will be empty in seconds. LOL.

Innisfree Shadow Pencil #7 Brown City

- has beautiful vibrant colors
- easy to spread
- travel friendly
- long lasting
- very waterproof
- very smudge-proof
- hygienic
- has a handy packaging


This product is long-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof as claimed. Compared with the jar type, I prefer this type because it is more hygienic and handy. Although it comes with a small product, it is very pigmented. So you just need a little product to color your entire eyelid. The creamy texture makes easier to use on whole eyelids in seconds. I don't really need brush to apply this shadow pencil. But sometimes I need a brush to color the details (example for aegyo sal) to make a neat result. I highly recommend this product, especially for you who love travel. I really loved at Innisfree Shadow Pencil and would like to have another color.

Do you love this product? What is your favorite eyeshadow?
Thank for reading and see you on next post ^^

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  1. wah patut dicoba nih tapi masih agak takut ya kalo benuk crayon creamy gini. pengalaman sih sering patah -_- kelebihan tenaga*

    nice review:)

    My Butterfly Fly Away

    1. Hai Saras. Emang sih rawan patah. Jadi keluarin secukupnya aja ^^
      Makasih sudah mampir ya..


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