19 Mar 2015

INNISFREE 2014 Christmas Nail Set | First Impression + Review

INNISFREE 2014 Christmas Nail Set
As I promised on the last post (check here if you have not read yet), now I share you a review about Innisfree 2014 Christmas Nail set first. Actually I was looking for a nail polish color these days. That's why I was very excited when it came. I tried it immediately and I was amazed at the results. The Innisfree 2014 Christmas Nail Set became my favorite nail polish. Read my full review to find out why I really love it.

Volume or Weight                                  
6 ml x3 + sticker 2 sheets

How To Use of Nail Deco Stickers          
1. Dry completely after wearing nail colors or base
2. Using pincets, pick the stickers you want to use
3. Press carefully and thoroughly after putting stickers
4. For long lasting, wear the top coat (avoid stones)
* Before using, carefully and thoroughly dry the nails to long lasts of nail colors and stickers


Date of manufacture                              
November 2014

Made In Korea                                      

INNISFREE 2014 Christmas Nail SetINNISFREE 2014 Christmas Nail Set
It has simple and attractive packaging. It is packed with the fragile paper box so it is easily broken or torn. There are details with Hangul and label "Printed With Soy Ink" on the back. Innisfree is using Eco green concept and I love it. The box is dominated by red color and Christmas patterns. It illustrates that this product is made for Christmas purpose. 

INNISFREE 2014 Christmas Nail Set
INNISFREE 2014 Christmas Nail Set
The lid's colors are white and red and have bell pictures which represent Christmas. The lid has a matte texture and neat to grip. It has clear bottles like other nail polish. Comparing with my Holika Holika's here, it has less volume. Considering it comes in 3 bottles, I think it is just fine. 

The Deco Nail Stickers has 2 types of decorations. They are The Snow decoration with jewelry and The Christmas characters. 

INNISFREE 2014 Christmas Nail Set
The nail set has 3 colors types                 

   No.1 Snowy Christmas
Clear nail polish with silver glitters, white and silver decorations

   No.2 Red Rock of Santa
Maroon color nail polish with gold glitters.

   No.3 Twinkling Rudolph's Red Nose
Clear nail polish with colorful decorations and gold glitters.

I suggest taking the stickers with pincets as the instructions mentioned. The stickers will get your fingerprints if you pick them with fingers. Of course, it would not stick well. It is difficult to release when the sticker already attached on the well dried nail polish. It will damage your nail polish if you force to release it. So please be careful when placing the sticker.

INNISFREE 2014 Christmas Nail Set
The nail polishes are very easy to use. I can apply it perfectly in 1 coat only. But I prefer to apply 2 coats to get thick color. The stickers can be used without top coat. For long lasting results, you can add them on.

See? Did my nails look adorable?

- long lasting
- easy to use
- has much volume
- has 3 gorgeous colors in 1 box
- has 2 beautiful and cute sticker characters
- the stickers are long lasting although without top coat.
- not easy to clump
- easy to be cleaned.
- attractive packaging design
- using Eco-Green concept


I really love this nail polish set. My favorite colors are no.2 and no.3. I applied it with different decorations on my fingers. My mother said that she liked the combination of no.2 and no.3. We have the same tastes. Like a mother like a daughter.

Although it is intended for Christmas, I think it is wearable to use in all events. Even for Valentine's Day. The sticker's design is very pretty too. I love the snow character with the jewelry. It brings me the glamor feeling. The long lasting power got two thumbs up from me. After 3 days, the nail polishes and stickers still attached perfectly. This product is easy to be cleaned though I applied in 3 layers. It's very nice. I highly recommend this nail polish set. You will not regret to have it.

Do you love this nail polish? What is your favorite?
Thank for reading. See you on my next post ^^

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  1. Nice review btw hasilnya lucuu banget ^^


    1. Iyah lucu walaupun ga rapi sedikit :P
      Thank for reading, dear. ^^

  2. nail polish nya lucu-lucu semua...suka sama motif glitternya, terutama yang warna putih!

    1. Stikernya juga lucu. Kutek terkece yang pernah kupunya deh :D
      Thank for reading Imelda ^^


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