28 Mar 2015

Innisfree 2014 Christmas Ornament DIY Kit | First Impression + Review

Innisfree 2014 Christmas Ornament DIY Kit
Do you still remember my post about Innisfree's Sneak Peek last week? If you want to read again or haven't read it yet, you can check here. This product came with Innisfree Christmas Nail Set. I never knew that Korean brands have DIY projects like this. I always paid my attention to Korean makeups, skin cares, and beauty tools.

Release Date                  
December 2014

Around $14.00. Some online shops sell it in a bundle


Innisfree 2014 Christmas Ornament DIY Kit

Check Innisfree 2014 Christmas Ornament DIY Kit CF starring Lee Min Ho and Yoona

Innisfree 2014 Christmas Ornament DIY Kit
The packaging was made by a brown thin paper. If you are familiar with Innisfree products, you will not surprise with the packaging. You should know that Innisfree uses Eco Green concept. So the box can be recycled. Don't surprise if you find a quite fragile packaging. There is the name of the product in front and details written in Hangul and English on the back. 

These are the items of Innisfree 2014 Christmas DIY Kit 

   Christmas Ornament DIY Wood Plate               

The wooden plates have a round shape and thin. There are a lot of stitching holes on it. I ever stitched on stitching fabric and it ripped when I pulled the thread too strong. I think the wood material is good and easy to use even for beginners. It is not rip easily like the stitching fabric.

   Christmas Ornament DIY Needle, Needle Threader & Strap               

Contains of 2 stitching needles, 1 needle threader, and 2 straps. If you lost them or need a new one, you will find the stitching needles and needle threader in your nearest sewing supply store.

   Christmas Ornament DIY Sewing Thread                  

It comes with 2 sets of sewing thread. It contains 6 colors: gray, red, turquoise, blue, peach and white on each set.

   Christmas Ornament DIY Message Card             

It has 3 types of message cards. You can write your own message too.

   Christmas Ornament DIY Instruction sheet              

The instruction book explained in 5 languages: Korean, Chinese, Singapore (English), Hongkong, and Taiwan. It contains the items detail, stitching instruction and stitching designs.


I chose the design of "Cupid Rudolph" because it is the hardest design for me. Actually I made a mistake twice when stitched it. It needs a high concentration. However, I can finished well. I added the message card on the back of the plate to cover the stitching traces. You can make this as a gift to boyfriend, friends, parents, or just for the room decoration. I made it as a door decoration. Looks cute, right?

This product is innovative when the Korean Beauty brands focused on their beauty products. Parts of the sales proceeds will be donated to help the needy children. I love the idea. Besides to enhancing creativity and patience, it has a social purpose. I love the results too. But I think they should change the gray thread with a black color to make it more visible.

For you who love DIY projects, I think you will love this product. I hope Innisfree and other beauty brands will release more variation of DIY projects.

What do you think about my DIY? Have you ever stitching like this before?
Thank you for reading. See you on the next post ^^

4 komentar:

  1. Waaw cubanget ini >.<
    keren yah brand innisfree ini ga cuma produksi makeup aja tapi bikin diy juga
    hasil yang kamu bikin bagus loh, persis aslinya hehe


    1. Aku berharap Innisfree sama brand-brand lain buat DIY yang banyak dan lebih beragam.
      makasih Desty. Padahal aku salah 2 kali loh. Untung bisa diperbaikin ^^

      Makasih udah mampir ya :)

  2. wood platenya unik banget ya :D


    1. iya bener banget. Makasih udah mampir, Carolina ^^


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