2 Mar 2017

Review : Klenspop Ashley-S Gray

Klenspop Ashley-S Gray Review
Hey, gorgeous? Back with lens review again. I have a lot of contact lenses in different patterns and colors which you can read here. In the previous post, I already told that I got 2 lenses series from Klenspop. There are Ellen 3 Color Green and Ashley-S Gray. I already made the review of Ellen 3 Color Green here and it's time to review the Ashley-S Gray. 

Klenspop Ashley-S Gray Review



14,5 mm

14 mm


     BASE CURVE     
8.6 mm

     USING PERIOD     
6-month disposal


Klenspop Ashley-S Gray ReviewKlenspop has many different packaging styles, like here and here. However, all of their packaging box design is super cute. There is a girl figure in the label shouting "I'm Ashley". Oh, Hello, Ashley! And this time it came only with a foam. Fortunately, it carries the bottle safely. I forgot to take the pictures. About the bottle, it comes in a couple of clear glass bottles with a simple design. The prescription detail is written on the cap and its color indicates the lenses color. 

Klenspop Ashley-S Gray ReviewThe pattern and color are so gorgeous. It has a thick limbal ring which reminds me of EOS Super Nudy Gray, but it's softer. Watching at the color, It's supposed to look natural I guess.

Klenspop Ashley-S Gray Review
With Flash
Klenspop Ashley-S Gray Review
No Flash - Sunlight
Klenspop Ashley-S Gray Review
No Flash - Sunlight + Artificial Light
I'm in love with these lenses! Look at the color! It's gray and slightly blue-ish. The color is very vivid but very natural. Love it!

- Has an intense color
- Gives natural look
- Blends perfectly
- Comfortable
- Not easy to dry


I love Ashley-S Gray so much. I wear these the most when I attend many occasions. These lenses are very comfortable to wear. If you love the natural lens like I do, Ashley-S Gray could be your good option. 

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  1. I love this shade, they look very natural :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  2. warnanya gonjreng banget ya, tapi cakep, kaya bule hehehe


    1. Iya gonjreng frid. Dan akhirnya mataku bisa kaya orang Turki ayayaya :P


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