1 Mar 2017

Review : Klenspop Ellen 3Color Green

Klenspop Ellen 3Color Green Review
Hello, gorgeous! Today I'm back with contact lens review. I love wearing contact lenses. You can see my review about contact lenses that I've tried here. and I think these are a great option for you. A few weeks ago I got two lenses series in Ellen 3 Color Green and Ashley-S Gray from Klenspop. Here I review Ellen 3 Color Green first.

Klenspop Ellen 3Color Green Review



14 mm

13,7 mm


     BASE CURVE     
8.6 mm

     USING PERIOD     
6-month disposal


Klenspop Ellen 3Color Green Review

Klenspop has many different packaging styles, like here and here. However, all of their packaging box design is super cute. And this time it came only with a foam. Fortunately, it carries the bottle safely. I forgot to take the pictures. About the bottle, it comes in a couple of clear glass bottles with a simple design. The prescription detail is written on the cap and its color indicates the lenses color. 

Klenspop Ellen 3Color Green Review

The pattern and color are so gorgeous. It has a soft limbal ring and some dots on the center, which blends with actual eyes nicely and gives natural color.

Klenspop Ellen 3Color Green Review
Klenspop Ellen 3Color Green Review
The result reminds me of Neo Cosmo Green that I've tried before. But Ellen 3Color is a bit lighter. The green color is vivid and gorgeous on Asian eyes. The color is noticeable, but not bring you into people attention like they were seeing you on the red carpet.

- Gives natural look
- Has an intense color
- Blends perfectly
- Comfortable
- Not easy to dry


Yes, yes! I always love Klenspop's lenses. I love the colors, the various pattern, and of course the comfortability. I've been obsessed of Ellen 3Tone Grey and now the green one is absolutely my new obsession.

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  1. kebanyakn pattern dn wrna dr klenspop hampir sama smua yahh. ahh nungguin review ashley grey nya ya dis ^^~


    1. Iya put. bedae hampir ga ketara loh. Review ashley udah up yaa hehe :3


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