12 Des 2015

Birthday Haul 2015

I was so excited because last week was my birthday. Yay! Happy birthday to me! I did a birthday haul too. A huge one. Hehe. I think I was possessed and I bought a lot of makeup, skin care, and haircare. Here is what I bought.


-- MISSHA Magic Cushion Refill #23   
I purchased this from Testerkorea. This BB Cushion sells in a bundle (1 BB cushion + 2 refills) with a pretty inexpensive price. I love BB Cushions and I don't want to miss it of course. Fortunately, my best friend wants to buy it and I ask to get 1 refill from that bundle.

-- Holika Holika Blusher #2 Bitter Peach   
I was searching for my The Face Shop Blusher replacement. Actually, I want to buy Tony Moly one, but the color which I want is out of stock. Then I chose this blusher because it's inexpensive and matte. I hope the color works on me.

-- Mamonde Big Eye Mascara - Curling   
I read many reviews and comments about this mascara and they said it is great. I bought this mascara at one of Female Daily Forum online shop. 

-- Skinfood Shortcake Liquid Eyeliner   I don't really love liquid liner that much. But I need it for my blog pics. Sometimes my eyeliner's color doesn't show up that much in pictures. It was on sale too on Koreadepart. Woot woot! I grabbed it as fast as I can LOL.

-- The SAEM Saemmul Browcara - Dark Brown   
Korean makeup affects me so much to buy an eyebrow mascara. I never used this form of eyebrow product before. A Korean beauty guru, Ssin-nim uses this eyebrow mascara and it is on sale on Koreadepart. I think I should try it out.

-- Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream #5 Sweet Honey   
Matte lip cream is kinda popular these days. I spent a lot of time to search the best matte lip cream which is not drying, long lasting and cheap. My blogger friend wore this matte lip cream on the event and the staying power is awesome. It's Indonesian product and she said that it can compare with NYX SMLC. 

-- ARITAUM Color Lasting Tint #1 Nude, #8 Shy Orange, #10 Wild Coral   
It was a little bit crazy. I never buy many shades of lip product before I tested it myself. Many beauty YouTubers mention this lip tint as their best and most loved lip tint ever. That's why I was attracted to have this lip tint. I don't think anymore and bought 3 shades at once.

-- Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Mascara   
I love this mascara so much. It makes my eyes awake and volumize my lashes. Waterproof and smudge proof. I bought this at Matahari Department Store's buy 2 get 1 sale event.

-- Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil - Brown   
I never planned to buy eyebrow pencil from Maybelline. I was searching for the SILKYGIRL in brown color, but it's sold everywhere. I tried the tester and it seems has the same texture but in the lighter brown. I never use a light brown eyebrow pencil. Let's see then.

-- Maybelline Color Show Eye Liner #Shimmer Beige   
I didn't plan to buy this too. I swatched everything in the counter and this shimmer eyeliner got me. It's perfect to make an aegyo-sal!

-- SILKYGIRL Smokey Eyeliner + Smudger #2 Dark Brown   
This is my wish list since last month. I read many reviews that this is the dupe of Clio eyeliner.

-- SILKYGIRL Long Wearing Lipliner #2 Mauve   
I was searching for #1 Nude shade, but it was empty everywhere. I almost hopeless and finally I found this from Guardian. It's not the shade that I want, but since I can't find it everywhere I thought why not to try.

-- A'Pieu Harutatoo Brow - Dark Brown   
I never tried pen eyebrow before. It's on sale at Koreadepart. 


-- Selection Facial Cotton   
I always purchase a cotton pad from this brand. It doesn't itch, soft, doesn't rip easily and cheap.

-- Mustika Ratu Penyegar Sari Sekar Gambir   [Review]
My most love toner ever. It is cheap, easy to find, and doesn't give me any breakouts. 

-- Hadalabo Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash    [Review]
This is my holy grail face wash. I don't remember how many I repurchase this product.

-- SKIN AQUA Daily Moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive Skin   
I don't wear sunscreen for past 3 months and I think I feel the bad sign of it. My face becomes dull. I got a dilemma. When I wear sunscreen my skin got breakouts. But when I don't, my skin is unprotectable from UV which is bad. I was searching for sunscreen which has the light texture and suits with my dry and sensitive skin. I read many good reviews about this product too. I hope it works on me.

-- CLINIQUE Even Better Essence Lotion for very dry to dry combination skin   
I got this skincare from Breast Cancer Awareness 2015 Event's goodie bag. Fortunately, it suits with my skin type.

-- SARI AYU Intensive Acne Care   
I got a serious breakout recently and my blogger friend recommends this product to me. Now my breakout is going better. This is my 2nd repurchase.

-- OVALE Bedak Dingin - Whitening   
Bedak Dingin is an Indonesian beauty recipe heritage to make skin smooth and younger. My mother said that my great-grandmother has used this recipe. When I was a child I saw that her skin was still healthy and bright although she has a lot of wrinkles. OVALE launched the instant Bedak Dingin recently and I think I should try it.

-- TONY MOLY Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes   
I bought this mask for my mom. She asked what the product should she wear is to cure her crack and rough feet. I hope this foot peeling mask works on my mom.

-- SNP Animal Mask - Panda & Dragon   
I got these mask as a giveaway prize from Fashion and Beauty app called FASYEN. I never tried animal masks and it would be fun!


-- PANTENE Hair Fall Control - Conditioner   
I can't live with conditioner and this is my holy grail conditioner ever. I'm in love with Pantene since I was on Junior High School. It is on sale 50%. Yay!

-- PANTENE Hair Fall Control - Shampoo   
This is my holy grail shampoo. It gives my hair less fall and smoother. No more frizzy and dry hair. Loving it.

I never do a birthday haul with a lot of makeup, skincare and haircare products. Before I decided to be a beauty blogger, I always purchase some clothes haul. But now, you can see it. Haha.

What do you think about my birthday haul? Have you tried the products I mentioned? Which one should I make the review first? Please feel free to drop your comments ^^

31 komentar:

  1. wahhh banyak skali haulnya.
    aku ada beli yg tint aritaum jg tp blm dipake sampe skrg hahaha 😂
    aku tunggu reviewnya ya ^^

    1. Edisi kalap ini ce. Hihihii..
      Makasih udah mampir ce Rini. Tunggu reviewku yaa. Semoga aku tidak malas hehe :P

  2. Oh wow, happy belated birthday wishes to you! That's a nice makeup haul there...

  3. Happy belated birthday, Gadis! :)
    Akhirnya beli Silkygirl lipliner juga, semoga suka ^^

    1. Thank you mb Nindy! :D
      Iya beruntung banget bisa nyobain. Dimana-mana kosong sekarang. Katanya sih discontinued

  4. first thing first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    secondly, itu banyak banget hihihihi.. penasaran sama aritaum :P
    *nunggu review*

    Beauty Appetite

    1. Thank you kak Jes :D
      I know, aku ga pernah sekalap ini kalau belanja. Karena aku ga pernah dapet kado, aku ngasih kado buat diri sendiri. Wkwkw :P
      Tunggu reviewku yaa :*

  5. Happy birthday yah kaka , main main ke blog aku dong ka


  6. I needed a refresh! I love this!

  7. Bedak dingin, ada sensasi adem ya gam sih pas di pakai ? Lagi byk yg review loh...
    Nice review 😆

  8. happy birthday ya! btw banyak banget haul nya....mupeng face mask nya!

  9. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh administrator blog.

    1. Aduhh ga sengaja kehapus, salah pencet. Maaf maaf.. >_<
      Ditunggu reviewnya ya. Makasih udah mampir ^^

  10. Wow, what a great haul!! So jealous you got so much great stuff! ^^ Happy Birthday!! <3

    xo Amanda

    1. Actually, I purchased most of them with my own money. LOL. I hope next year I will get presents from my friends. :D
      Thank you for stopping by, Amanda! ^^

  11. Happy bday to you :)
    Aku mau review bedak dingin sm intensive acne care-nya dong Mbak :D

    1. Thank you dear! :D
      Ditunggu ya, banyak list review tapi masih belum sempat. Secepatnya yaa.. ^^

  12. Happy Birthday kak Gadis!!! wish you all the best!
    Woah banyak bgttt barangnya , aritaum liptint nya sangat menggoda :3 beli juga ahhh hahahhaha
    Good post!

    XOXO, Syarah

    1. Makasih Syarah.. :D
      Hihihi asyik ketularaann. Makasih udah mampir yah ^^

  13. Gadis.. Selamat ulang tahun yaa..
    Sukses terus buat kamu :*

    Haulnya bikin aku ngiri.. hihihi...
    Aku tunggu A'PIEAU HaruTattoo Brow nya yaa.. Penasaran :D

    Amanda writer of www.TipsCantikManda.com

    1. Makasih doanya Manda.. :*
      Ekeke ditunggu ya, mau foto mendung terus :3


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