24 Des 2014

Holika Holika Pastel Nails 01 Sweet Mint Review

Holika Holika Pastel Nails 01 Sweet Mint Review
Hi everyone! Sorry, I made this post so late. I don’t know why I’m so lazy to make one. I have many movies that I’ve downloaded and I can’t help to watch them first. LOL. Lately, I have a breakout too so I can’t make a post about IOPE Air Cushion’s review for you. This time I made a blog post about nail polish review. I got this from Rini Cesilia’s giveaway here. She gave me a lot of prizes, but I can’t make reviews at the same time. I’m sorry. I’ll make them as soon as possible. Now it’s time to share you my review. Enjoy!

Holika Holika Pastel Nails

Holika Holika Pastel Nails
“ shining coated milk colour like lovely girl “

#01 Sweet Mint

10 ml

It claims that              
- Creates vivid and lively luster like diamond
- Color vividly colors as it is and lasts long
- Colors clearly after thinly re-applying and creates gel nail-like effect

Made in Korea            

It is packed in circle glass bottle which has Holika Holika’s logo on it. Very cute and simple. The applicator is very handy. 

Holika Holika Pastel Nails Color
Holika Holika Pastel Nails has 7 colors. Mine is sweet mint. I think you can call this color as cyan or turquoise. It has watery texture. The scent is nothing special. Just like usual nail polish scent

Holika Holika Pastel Nails 01 Sweet Mint Swatches
Holika Holika Pastel Nails 01 Sweet Mint Swatches
I love nail art, but I can’t do it neatly because I rarely use nail art. It’s sheer when you apply one layer. I apply it 2 layers to make it full and vivid. I’ve used it for 3 days and still as good as the first time. I can use it alone, but since I love sparkle I combined with sparkle polish from Etude House one. It looks more beautiful.

I love turquoise, but never tried this color on my nails before. When applied, I think it’s fit with my light-medium skin tone and I love it! 

- Has vivid pastel colors
- Long lasting
- Easy to apply

- It’s hard to find Holika Holika’s store in Indonesia. 
- It’s hard to find the online shops that sell Holika Holika’s brand

This product is very easy to use, even for the amateurs. The result is as same as it claimed. It has many colorful pastel colors. I love this nail polish. Maybe I’ll buy different colors next time, especially Milk Orange one.

What do you think about this product? What is your favorite nail polish?
Thank you for reading. See you on next post ^^

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