2 Jan 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

Happy New Year 2015!!

I have very precious moments in 2014. I've been graduated from college, my uncle has been recovered from his illness and got a new niece (I'm very thankful for that). And I'm so sorry for the passenger of AirAsia QZ8501's that got airplane crash at the end of 2014. I pray for them to get a better place and will be found as soon as possible.

This 2015, I have some resolutions. Maybe that's not special but very important to me. They are:
  1. Get a job and start my journey as a young Architect. I know it's not easy, but i will try hard to reach my dream. 
  2. Be a better person. Everyone wants to be a better person including me. I wish i could be. 
  3. Be a better blogger. I'll try to make posts routine. I love to share anything to everyone. 
  4. Saving for money. I have many wishlists this year, but I have to save some money. We never know about the future. 
  5. Get a boyfriend! LOL. 4 years being single is not easy ^^ 
Thank you for my parents, friends, and my reader. I wish the best for you this year! Love you all and happy new year ^^

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