20 Okt 2023

Curvy Jeans, A Game Changer Curvy Girl Should Try

Hello beauties~ how is your day? What is your agenda for today? Are there any exciting activities you have planned? Regardless of your plan, it's essential to wear the right outfit to enhance your look. Have you ever experienced discomfort while wearing clothes? Starting with the simplest, such as jeans. Do you experience discomfort when wearing jeans? I'm kind of hit and miss with jeans. There are many variables. I don't know if it's because of the comfort of the stitching pattern, the type of fabric, or the fabric's heavy feel when worn. Finding the type of jeans I want is a challenge. Finding jeans models that fit my slightly curvy hips is often a challenge for me. The usual reason for this is that it doesn't fit your hip and you need to wear a belt again. Super complicated, and to be honest, it makes me think twice about wearing jeans on my daily basis. When I was searching for jeans, I discovered a website that sells curvy jeans called Curvy Faja.

So what are differences between regular jeans and curvy jeans? Curvy jeans have a stitching pattern that is engineered for an hourglass figure with a narrower contoured waistband to avoid gapping, a longer rise for a rounder booty and extra room in the hips and thighs. Therefore, curvy jeans look more flattering on the body. There are not only jeans with regular fit available, but also numerous models of curvy jeans. The shaping can vary depending on the stitching pattern of each model. Of course, the patterns are designed to fit different body shapes. It can be used by people with short or long legs and thin or plus size bodies. Certain areas are highlighted in the patterns, with some focusing on the stomach, waist, or thighs. Formal jeans and casual ones are both available as well.

As a personal preference, I prefer models that fit the body well with fabric material that is flexible and not too heavy. Due to my busy schedule and frequent movements, I must select a jeans style that improves my flexibility. The jeans model like the one above is something I like. The material is flexible and has a stitching pattern that fits my body curves, especially in the waist area. As previously mentioned, I am not a fan of wearing a belt every day. The curvy shape of the trousers is appealing to me because it doesn't require any additional accessories. Furthermore, the jeans' material is flexible, similar to leggings, which are lightweight and convenient to wear during activities. The fabric is comfortable and doesn't put pressure on the skin. Unlike plain leggings that sometimes make me feel self-conscious because they look like stockings at a glance, curvy jeans make me feel confident. Well, there are several models of jeans with built in faja too, which have topstitched darts that can shape the stomach and waist like a corset. What a brilliant invention.

Are curvy jeans only for curvy girls?

Absolutely not. It is accessible to everyone. Even those with a thin figure can wear it. Curvy jeans are available in a variety of sizes. You can find sizes from S to XXL. You can choose the jeans model that you like.

There's no need to worry about the quality of Curvy Faja products. Their products have been purchased and reviewed by a large number of customers. Their customers' curves look stunning when they wear their products. You can read curvy faja reviews while deciding which product you want to buy.

So, would you rather wear regular fit jeans or switch to curvy jeans?

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