15 Mei 2023

Shapewear Trend 2023. These Are 2 Best Items You Should Have From Shapellx

Recently shapewear was phenomenal and has became a major hit. Not only public figures, but everyone uses it. This is understandable because appearance is a confidence factor. Of course, the determining factor of self-confidence is how the body looks. And the quickest way to achieve the perfect body shape is using shapewear. There are a lot of types of shapewear and sometimes makes us confused which one to choose. I think you need at least these 2 items in your wardrobe. Here are the items:

Shapellx Shaperwear
The most common and basic shapewear is the bodysuit shaper. This kind of shapewear is suitable for those of you who want a perfect look in multiple areas. Using only 1 shaper, you can have a beautiful appearance of the shape of breasts, thighs and butt. It has various forms. Some are in the shape of daily underwear, some are knee-length, and some are longsleeved (which nowadays can also be used as a substitute for a top). Personally, I like to emphasize my butt. If you are looking for the best butt lifting shapewear, you should try the shapewear shorts.

Shapellx Shaper Shorts

If you are uncomfortable wearing a bodysuit, you should try shaper shorts. Especially if want to shape the appearance of the lower area such as the belly and butt. This kind of shaper allows you to move freely and more at ease because it does not feel like you are wearing layered outfit. And the shaper shorts are more flexible to use under sexy outfit. You may find that some are in the shape of pants, can simultaneously lift the chest so that it looks more in shape, etc. Just adjust to your needs.

Shapellx Booty Shaping Shorts
Among the 2 types of shapewear above, I love 1 type of shaper shorts which is called booty shaping shorts. This kind of shaper shorts can emphasize the appearance of the butt. It is suitable for those of you who have flabby butt, particularly for those who gave birth. Overmore it can flatten the appearance of the belly and the waist is also more in shape. And don't worry about comfort, because the tight pants have a zipper at the bottom. It makes easier to pee without removing the shorts. Good news for you that have a plus size, these shapewears are available in sizes S to 3x.

I think the shapewear trend deserves to be followed, and moreover it can be used daily. Shapewear can be a hack to look proportional without having to go on a diet. But still, because it is only to support your appearance, please remember to get regular exercise, okay?

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