12 Nov 2022

Best 6 Silicone Houseware From Newtoprubber

Silicone Houseware You should have
Hello everyone~ Finally back to write again. For those of you who are new readers here, welcome! This time I want to write an article about lifestyle. Lately I'm more concerned about houseware that are BPA free, especially silicone-based. Not without reason, I actually started looking for houseware which were not heavy for travelling, safe for my health and heat-resistant. Then I did some research on the internet and I think these items are a must have for those of you who are looking for houseware with silicon material.

1. Storage Container Lunch Box
Silicone Lunch Box

This silicone lunch box caught my attention the most. I usually bring my lunch from home and need to reheat it at the office. You just need to make sure that the silicon material is BPA free and suitable for microwave ovens, ovens, and refrigerators. So I don’t need to bring many lunch boxes of different materials.

2. Silicone Collapsible Folding Water Bottle
Silicone Bottle The second product that caught my attention is this silicone folding water bottle. I always bring drinking water in my bag and this silicone bottle is a must have. The material is not heavy and can fit in my bag due to its flexibility to bend over.

3. Baby Flog Fruit Feeder Pacifier Silicone Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier
For moms who are trying to introduce food to babies, I think this feeder pacifier is a very brilliant idea. Moms do not need to feed their babies all the time and can do other activity. The shape of the pacifier allows food to come out slowly as the baby tries to chew.

4. Reusable Breast Milk Storage Bags
Silicone Breast Milk Bags Pouch

For moms who are still breastfeeding, it is very important to have reusable storage bags. This silicone milk storage bag allows mothers to store pumped breastmilk more easily in their bag. Also, there are 2 types of bottle caps. One is regular and the other with a pacifier. So baby can drink directly from the milk storage bags without problem.

5. Baby Rattle Teether Toys
Wholesale Silicone TeetherTeether toys are things you shouldn't miss. That must be BPA-free. The Baby Rattle Teether Toys above in my opinion is interesting because it has bright color that catches baby’s attention. These toys have 3 different teether shape with different textures. So your baby can explore the texture and train their motoric. And you should buy wholesale silicone teethers because I think you will need some backups if the other one is missing.

6. Breast Pump Electric
Silicone breast pump

I recommend an electric silicone breast pump for moms who want to pump breast easily. Because the material is made of silicone, the breasts will still feel comfortable during pumping. I’m not married yet and I don’t have kids, but I think I will need a tool like this in the future.

Anyway, all the silicone items above can be found on the Newtoprubber website.




Buy Silicone Houseware Newtoprubber

Newtoprubber has many variations of silicone-based housewares, most are kitchen and baby utensils that are BPA free and heat resistant. The products are not harmful for health. They provide wholesale and can do customized design as well. Interesting right? So, are you willing to use silicone housewares?

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