7 Jan 2022

2022 Dress Trends You Should Have from Dressvy

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Hello hello~ The first article in 2022, I want to write about fashion. In 2021, fashion trends got a big influence from Korean dramas. Do you agree with me? The fashion styles used in Korean dramas were very inspiring, right? Especially the fashion style of the female characters. They are often seen wearing beautiful dresses in a good cutting and becoming a trend. I often see many actresses, Instagram celebs, and idols wearing a dress in their Instagram, pictures, or videos. They like to wear dresses that look minimalist, elegant, comfortable and have beautiful unique cuts. I think dresses will still get the trend in 2022, and these 2 types of dresses you would need to try:

bodycon dresses
A bodycon dress is a dress in which the cut fits the body so that it can accentuate the body curve. This type of dress will give a feminine impression. Although it tends to be tight, the bodycon dress can be used for any event. The materials can be wool, cotton, jersey, rayon, satin, organza, lace, and others. bodycon dresses used to have beautiful cutting, unique style, and good material. So I as a hijabi sometimes choose to wear this type of dress too. I will mix and match the bodycon dress with a long coat, cardigan, vest, blazer, etc or sometimes skirt to hide my body curve. Yeah, there is no rule in fashion.

knit dresses
Knit dress is the type that I see most often, especially in Korean dramas. This dress is made from the knitting process and made of yarn or thread. Knit dress tends to be flexible, but it does not always fit on the body. You can find knit dresses with fit or loose cutting depending on your liking. This type of dress also feels warm when worn so winter or autumn will be the perfect time to wear knit dresses.

These types of the dress above are easy to find, whether in online or offline stores. If you want to find the best quality online dresses, you can try shopping at Dressvy. There are a lot of dresses with various models, colors, and sizes. They have high ratings from customers and are highly recommended. You don't need to go to the mall or to the store anymore to shop for dresses. In the era in which technology moving fast, especially the internet, now it’s convenient to do online shopping for dresses at Dressvy. It can save your time and you can find a huge collection of dresses you want with just a click.

I hope this article will inspire and give you the information you need. Thank you for reading & see you in another article!

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