1 Agu 2017

Review - BBIA Plush Shadow (#10 Spring Farewell)

BBIA Plush Shadow #10
Hello, everyone! I'm very excited to share this post with you, guys. Because this product is coming from one of the popular brands in Korea. As you can read in the title, I'm going to share Bbi@ (Read: Bia) Plush Shadow. I heard Bbia's products are great. Many YouTubers and Bloggers mention their products, especially for eye makeup. When I got this Bbia Plush Eyeshadow from 08Liter, I was so excited! I'm very curious with Bbia products and finally, I got the opportunity to try! So, no need to wait any longer, let's jump to the review.


BBIA Plush Shadow #10

Soft touch like velvet, Perfectly vivid & distinctive color. Long lasting, vivid and distinctive color. The combination of various colors makes a variety of looks.

#01 Suede
#02 Lama
#03 Poly 30
#04 Velvet
#05 Golten
#06 I Love You Spring
#07 Kiss Me Spring
#08 Whoo Spring
#09 I'm Sad Spring
#10 Spring Farewell (a.k.a Good Bye Spring)

Get the proper amount of cream with your finger or brush, Spread and apply well your eye line and somewhere you need it. 

0.077 Oz / 2.2 g

KRW 7000 (About IDR 82.600)


BBIA Plush Shadow #10
It has a simple and elegant design. The thick acrylic material makes the packaging look luxurious. It has a small hole to make easier taking out the eyeshadow from the container. The size is about 3x3 cm with 0.077 Oz. It is still in a standard size of the Korean eye shadow. FYI, I got this eyeshadow is in a good condition. But as you can see in the picture above, it looks pressed. The eyeshadow is a bit cracked when I was going to take the picture of it. That's why I need to press it to get a good visual. My mistake, I didn't store it in a nice place. So I can tell you that this eyeshadow is not easy to break, but it is still possible. 

BBIA Plush Shadow
BBIA Plush Shadow
BBIA Plush Shadow #10
If you wonder what the color/shade is, it's written in Hangul below "10" writing on the back of the container. This eyeshadow is in shade #10 Spring Farewell a.k.a Good Bye Spring.

BBIA Plush Shadow #10
The color is very unique. It seems like chromatic dark brown. It is very pigmented when I swatch the color with my finger, although not as intense as in Bbia's official website picture.

BBIA Plush Shadow #10
When I tried to swatch the product on my arm, the color is not as intense as on my finger. But still, it looks pigmented and beautiful. The glitter is very tiny and gives the velvety looks.

BBIA Plush Shadow #10
Surprisingly, the result is like a wet eyeshadow. It makes my eye look very beautiful and fresh. It has no fall out too. I like to apply this eyeshadow with a finger than a brush because the color is more intense. I use this eyeshadow about 6 hours and still looks good. For a Korean eyeshadow, it is very amazing.

- Beautiful & unique color
- Pigmented
- Nice packaging
- Long lasting

- Not easy to break/crack, but it still possible
- Quite bulky for a single eyeshadow.

BBIA Plush Shadow #10
I'm very satisfied with Bbia Plush Shadow. It has a very beautiful color and pigmented for a Korean eye shadow product. Now I understand why Bbia products are so popular. Thank you 08Liter for giving me the opportunity to try this eye shadow! Next time, I want to try the burgundy one!

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  1. Soft lensnya cantiiik *salah fokus


    1. Wkwkwk dipakein eyeshadow Bbia makin menonjol ya softlensnya :P


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