11 Jun 2017

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Hijab Fashion Inspiration
Hijab Fashion Inspiration
This is my first OOTD - fashion post. I want to share you about how to keep stylish when wearing hijab. I mixed and matched my old 80's bolero from my mom for this style. It is almost 30 years old, but the fabric and the color still in great condition. What an incredible. I paired it with my white shirt, black jeans and brown velvet shoes for bringing the modern feel. I love this style very much because it matches my personality. What do you guys think?

Bolero : My Mom's
Shirt : Unbranded
Jeans : Unbranded
Shoes : Mancer
Hijab : Nisrina
Bracelet : Zalora

The Eid is near. It's time to hunt clothes for the glorious day. You can get a huge collection of Eid fashion at ZALORA and find a great shopping sale. I hope this post is helpful for you who searching the hijab fashion ideas, especially for Eid.  I hope this post inspiring and have fun with your own fashion style!

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2 komentar:

  1. Bolero nya keceh, old but so chic.. Btw foto ootd nya kurang banyak nih ^^ banyakin dunks gaya a gaya b gaya c *malah request*

    1. Haikk mbak astii. Makasih masukannya. Aslinya foto banyak, tapi mukanya yang siap publish cuma 2 wkwkwk. Next ootd kubanyakin fotonya deh :D


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