20 Jul 2015

Product Photography Tips For Bloggers

Hello, my readers. This time I share you something different. I will share you how I get my product pictures. Honestly, I'm not an expert photographer. I'm still learning about photography and I don't have  a lot of professional photography stuff that maybe other bloggers have. However, I think what I'm going to share here maybe useful for you. Enjoy ^^

   Camera Setting   

The most crucial factor in product photography is camera setting. You have to set ISO, Aperture, Macro, etc. You don't need to buy an expensive camera. For your info, I just use an old digital camera. I'm using Canon Powershot A710 IS just like on the cover picture above. Luckily it has manual setting. Not perfect but not bad. I will tell you about my camera settings on another post because it will be too long if I share everything here.


I prefer to use natural lighting than artificial light for product photography. Natural lighting shows the best color because the color of the artificial light can bounce on your objects. But use natural lighting can be tricky. You have to choose the area which get natural light the best. I usually choose a room with big windows. And you may race with time because it may give you the blue-ish effect. The perfect time for me to take pictures is under 12.00 PM (GMT+07.00)

   Don't Use Flash  

I usually don't use flash when taking product pictures. The flashlight can bounce on your objects.


The background influences your pictures very much, especially the color. Never use a background which has the same color with your object because it will be unseen. And don't use a crowded pattern. You want your readers focus on your objects, not on your background, right?

The diffuser is one of the important stuff that you should use on product photography. Don't have money to buy a diffuser? Don't worry, I don't have an expensive one too. LOL. But you can use aluminum foil, white card, or diffuse box. If you think your original picture is better than use the diffuser, go for it. But I suggest you to use it.


Go for the right angle. It can 0 degrees, 45 degrees or 90 degrees. It depends on your feeling. Try to take picture in variety angles until you find the right angle for you

   Use A Tripod   

My hands keep shaking and many of my pictures was blurred because of it. And the tripod helps me a lot. I just need to set the angle and press capture button with a finger. It's really helpful. Okay, I think not everyone have a tripod. If you don't have it, try to not shake when you shoot the picture. But if you have money to buy one, I suggest you to take it home.

That is how I get my product pictures. Do you use them too? What tips do you use? I still have many tips that I use to take the product photography. I will share more about them. Stay tune ^^

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  1. Thank you so much for taking my request and sharing these tips!!! Very very informative!!!!!

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad these tips can help you ^^

  2. Amazing post dear!


  3. Nice post ^^
    ak cm pake kamera hp hlo hahah XD


  4. Good tips kak.... tbh, aku pake kamera hp :") lagi nabung buat beli kamera yang bagus >< hihihihi

    xoxo, Syarah

  5. You know a lot on photography ! Urgh and lighting is my weakness...



    1. Me either. Sometimes I missed the sunlight and wait for taking pictures on other days.

  6. Great tips! I always feel like the pictures I take could be better.

    1. Of course, you could. I hope this post is helpful. Thank for stopping by dear ^^


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