27 Apr 2024

How To Choose The Right Shapewear

Shapewear is something that you are familiar with and commonly wear today. Nowadays, the form of shapewear has been modernized and made more usable in all activities, including being used as a fashion item. And there are many different models available, making it challenging to choose which one is the right fit for our body shape.

What To Do Before Choosing A Shapewear?

Discover your body shape

Acknowledging your body shape is essential before buying a shapewear as it will look different depending on your body shape. By understanding your body shape, you can determine which parts are beautiful to focus on, whether it's your chest, stomach, hips, or other parts.

Pick a size that fits your body

The next step is to measure your body circumference. It's common for people to buy the wrong size of shapewear because they believe it must looks tight, which often leads them to choose the smaller size. Wearing sizes that are too small can be very uncomfortable and can lead to rashes or other skin problems. Furthermore, the correct size of shapewear can make your body shape more flattering.

How To Choose The Right Shapewear?

After identifying body shape and size, the next step is choosing a model. I suggest 2 Shapewear types, such as:

Seamless Shapewear

The first thought that comes to your mind when wearing shapewear on certain clothes made of thin fabric is that the stitching patterns will be visible, right? In that case, seamless shapewear is an option. Your outfit will look more beautiful because it has minimal visible seams in the stitching pattern. Your body shape will be the main focus of the view, not the shapewear pattern.

Slimming Bodysuit

If your clothes are loose or you have no issues with the stitching pattern, you can opt for a slimming bodysuit. This type of shapewear focuses on sculpting specific parts of the body to make it look slimmer. Besides that, the models are very diverse and can be worn as a top.

Loose outfits are something I enjoy wearing. I used to wear corset but they didn't feel comfortable, so I switched to bodysuits. And I prioritize comfort first. In my opinion, the best slimming bodysuits are those with a simple design, flexible material, and easily bathroom access, like these:

best slimming bodysuits
best slimming bodysuit

After reading this article, I hope you are no longer confused about how to choose the right shapewear. Thank for reading and see you in the next article!

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