29 Jan 2016

Things To Consider Before Attending Party

Hello, beauties! Today I want to share something different. Usually I talk about beauty, now I want to share about fashion tips.

Have you ever confused about what should you wear for a party? I'm sure you ever did. When I was invited to a party, I would be and must be excited to decide what I should wear. At least, I must plan it for a week. So excited right? I think I'm more excited than the party owner itself. Here I share you my party fashion tips.

Wearing belt, necklace, bracelet, ring, watch, or hairclip are some option. Don't overdo when wearing accessories. Focusing on one or two points only. 

Accessories for Party
Source: www.harpersbazaar.com

Bring a bag to carry everything you need. But don't bring a bag in oversize because everyone would think you want to put the food inside your bag. Lol. You don't want it happened, right? Choose a handbag or clutch in medium or small size. At least, it can carry your phone inside.
bag for party
Source: www.harpersbazaar.com
Usually, I would try to find out where is the party will be held first. If it holds in the hall, you should use a footwear which is more elegant and glam. Stiletto or wedges would be perfect. But if you were attending a garden party or wherever that may the floor is not steady enough, probably you should avoid wearing the stiletto. Choose the save options like wedges, flats, or boots.

shoes for party
shoes for party
Source: (Up) www.harpersbazaar.com (Down) www.zalora.co.id

It depends on your outfit. But I used to wear a medium-bold makeup. You would have a photo session with the groom and bride as well, so make sure your makeup is photo-friendly.

party makeup
Source: (Left) www.harpersbazaar.com (Right) www.elle.com

The outfit is the most important thing to concern when attending a party. It should be formal and elegant. Personally, I'd like to wear an Indonesian's woman signature outfit called "Kebaya". In the past, Kebaya is only used by royal families and used as a symbol of society level. Nowadays, Kebaya can be worn by every woman in the formal activity like party, wedding, graduation, and etc. The form of Kebaya is more flexible and more modern. It doesn't have to be wear with hair bun called "sanggul" again (in some event we still wear sanggul). We can wear kebaya with loose hair or hijab. It suits with pants, jeans, skirt, etc as well.

Kebaya for party
Traditional Kebaya for wedding or graduation
Kebaya for party
Hijab Kebaya
Source: www.mimikebaya.com
Kebaya for party
Casual Kebaya
Source: (Left) hot.detik.com (Right) modelkebayamodernterbaru.blogspot.com
When I go to wedding or birthday party, I prefer to use casual Kebaya. But it depends on your own preference. Sometimes I saw many of woman wear traditional kebaya for the wedding party. If you are a kebaya lover like me, you can see this Kebaya collection and find your own Kebaya style there. Are you ready for the party now? Let's go to the party and have fun!

4 komentar:

  1. sama Gadis, aku juga paling suka pake kebaya kutu baru dan medium-bold makeup kalo mau ke pesta ^^

    Tips Cantik Manda : Soft Matte Lip Cream Harga 30 Ribu

  2. Kebaya emang best banget buat ke pesta ya Manda.. Aku selalu pake medium bold makeup soalnya biar pengantinnya lebih pop-out di foto hihihi :P

  3. kok sama sih ya dresscode kalau kundangan pasti sellu kebaya ;*

    1. Karena kebaya ga ada matinya! Apalagi kalo buat acara-acara gitu keliatan elegan :D
      Makasih udah mampir ya Mba Ayu ^^


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