7 Jun 2015

My Best Face Exfoliator | Mustika Ratu - Mundisari Peeling Review

Mustika Ratu Mundisari Peeling
I'm a skincare addict. I'm very concern about exfoliate and mask routine. For exfoliator product, It's very hard to find a right one for my dry and sensitive skin because it's easily breakout. I used this exfoliator long time ago, then I tried the other products. Recently, I use this Mundisari peeling again. I'm going to tell you why I chose to use this product back. 

Helps cleanse dan exfoliate dead skin cells. With Murraya exotica Leaves extract that helps soften the skin while its Fenugreek extract and Curcuma heyneana powder help exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt off the skin.
Membantu membersihkan dan mengangkat sel kulit mati. Mengandung Ekstrek Daun Kemuning untuk membantu melembutkan kulit serta diperkaya dengan Ekstrak Klabet dan Serbuk Temugiring yang membantu mengangkat sel kulit mati dan kotoran dikulit.

Mix the peeling powder with White Rose Essence Water, then apply the paste onto face and neck. Avoid the eye area. Leave it on until half dries then gently rub off the powder. Rinse with water. Use regularly twice a week for the best results.
Campur bubuk peeling dengan Air Sari Mawar Putih secukupnya, oleskan pada wajah & leher. Hindari daerah mata. Diamkan setengah kering lalu gosok perlahan gerakan memutar. Bilas dengan air. Gunakan secara teratur 2 kali seminggu untuk hasil optimal.
Oryza sativa (Rice) Starch, Curcuma heyneana Root Powder, Murraya exotica Leaf Extraxt, Trigonella Graecum (Fenugreek) Extract, Methylparaben

15 g


Made In Indonesia


Mustika Ratu Mundisari Peeling
Mustika Ratu Mundisari Peeling
The packaging is simple with white and green color. I love the Javanese Batik on it (a pattern which is seen on Indonesian traditional fabric from Java). Mustika Ratu really brings their concept in every aspect. They did a good job. There are details on the back written in Indonesian and English. I almost forgot that it's a local product. There is an expired date too.

Mustika Ratu Mundisari Peeling
This product comes in yellow powder with some granules. I don't know how to describe it. It seems like yellow sands I think. This mask contains Curcuma powder but doesn't make your face yellow like the fresh Curcuma did. I love the scent so much. Smells like herb plants, but very refreshing and calming.

I store this peeling in a jar because my previous one got some spores. My mistake, I kept the plastic open after I cut it. I'm so careless. I won't do that again.

- super cheap! Under IDR 10.000 or less than $1
- made from natural ingredients
- doesn't give me breakout
- give me a smooth skin
- brighten my skin
- easy to find. I heard this brand sell in other countries too. You can check their website.


I've tried many exfoliators from different brands, but most of them doesn't give me many improvements. Sometimes they gave me breakouts. In my early 20s, my skin's condition change. It's drier than before and I try a different method to apply this product. I gently rub the paste when it still wet. I'm so amazed at the result. It worked well on my skin. No breakouts at all. My skin feels smooth. It removes my blackheads and whiteheads a little. I'm in love with it. I use this peeling as my exfoliation routine.

- Only exfoliate once a week. 
- Gently rub the paste when it still wet until the residue falls out. It works better than half dries. 
- Don't rub too hard. 
- Don't forget to rinse with facial wash

What do you think about this product? Have you ever tried it? Tell me your favorite exfoliator product.
Thank you for reading. See you on the next post ^^

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