Sep 27, 2014

Another Giveaway

Entahlah bulan September ini banyak banget yang ngadain giveaway. Ini giveaway yang aku join, kalian juga boleh ikutan ^^

Good luck for you and me girls ^^

Indonesia Residence Only:
International Giveaway: 

Sep 24, 2014

Rini Cesillia's Birthday Giveaway

Hai hai~~ apa kabar para pembaca blog-ku? Aku mau ngumumin nih kalau aku join giveaway dari beauty blogger favoritku, Rini Cesillia. Giveaway ini buat ngerayain ultahnya tanggal 27 September nanti. Dia kolaborasi bareng Etude Recipe yang juga kebetulan ultah di bulan yang sama. Hadiahnya menarik loh, mau tau? Yuk check this out..

Nah, ini hadiahnya buat 2 orang pemenang. Banyak dan bikin kepengen kan? ^^

Sep 12, 2014


Hi girls, i give you a news!! There's a giveaway from Winter Blush ft. Charrmyn!! And it's OPEN INTERNATIONAL!! For giveway details click below.

Click link below to join >>

Good Luck Girls ^^

Sep 11, 2014

Jessica Ie's 1st Giveaway

Good news ladies!

There is a giveaway from my favourite blogger, Jessica Ie !

This is her 1st giveaway, but she'll give many gift (as you can see on picture below) 

There will be 2 winners :


Hi girls! I'm so excited this September. Why? Because I have a giveway to you all. 

The giveaway is held by The Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter

She has many prizes from Gorgeous Cosmetics for you. 

Did you know Gorgeous Cosmetics? If not, I highly recommend that you check it out here, as those products are seriously gorgeous.

And the good news is that everything you see in that post, you’ve now got a chance to win. Yep, that is correct, you’ve got a chance to win an identical set to the products*. Every.Single.Product! How massive is that! And this is an International Giveaway. 
Yep, that is right, this giveaway is open to her lovely followers from both Australia, 
but also from around the big wide world!!. Sounds interesting? You can check here

So this is what can you win…


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