4 Okt 2016

Klenspop Ellen 3Tone Grey Review

Klenspop Ellen 3Tone Grey

Hey, y'all! Back with contact lens's review again. I received 2 pairs of lenses from Klenspop weeks ago. Um, I think it was months ago. I want to make the review for you guys, but I just post it right now. I'm sending my deepest apologies to my sponsor, Klenspop for the late post because I was busy these days. 

Okay, I want to share you about a pair of lenses which is I obsessed with. It's Ellen 3Tone in gray color. As you know, I love 3 tone lenses. I was very excited to try them. Now let's jump into the review.


14 mm

13.7 mm

8.6 mm





Klenspop Ellen 3Tone Grey
Klenspop Ellen 3Tone Grey
They came in a couple of glass bottle with panda picture on the label which is very cute! The description is written in Hangul as always. You can read every single description on Klenspop website.

Each bottle sealed with a plastic cap. It has color coded prescription which indicates the lens color. This time, the lenses came without lens container and tweezers again. I got a little difficulty when storing them. That's because most of the lens container sold here does not have the same quality as Klenspop has. Most of them have no transparent color and leak out easily which is irritating me so much. Please Klenspop, if you read this post I beg you to give free cases and tweezers again :'(

Klenspop Ellen 3Tone Grey
The pattern and color are so gorgeous. Each lens has a soft limbal ring. It has some dots on the center, which blends with actual eyes nicely and gives natural color.

Klenspop Ellen 3Tone Grey

Klenspop Ellen 3Tone Grey
Klenspop Ellen 3Tone Grey
So gorgeous, right?

- Comfortable
- Gives a natural look
- Blends nicely in dark brown eyes
- Has an intense color
- Beautiful pattern

- Have to buy online
- Does not include free cases and tweezers

I'm really obsessed with these lenses. I got many compliments when wearing them. My friends always ask about what lenses I usually wear because it looks like my actual eye color. Although it has a soft limbal ring, it still looks natural. The lenses are very comfortable. They are not really drying, but I  suggest to wear eyedrop in 6-8 hours later or when they feel dry. 

What do you think about these lenses? Do you love them too?
You can find Ellen 3Tone Grey at Klenspop and insert the code below to get a 10% discount.

Website: klenspop.com

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This product was sponsored by Klenspop. All review is based on my honest opinion.

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