31 Okt 2016

Halloween Makeup Collaboration 2016

Halloween Makeup Collaboration 2016
Hello, gorgeous! It's the end of October now! Say hello to Halloween! Actually, I don't celebrate Halloween. But I was invited to join into a Halloween Makeup Collaboration with many bloggers of Indonesia Beauty Bloggers. This is my first one and I was so excited!

Halloween Makeup
In this last minute of Halloween, I think what I should create with easy and simple makeup. I decided to create "Noh" Japanese Doll Mask as my Halloween makeup. For your information, "Noh" mask is a mask that is worn in Japanese peculiar drama.

Halloween Makeup
Noh Mask
There are many different types of Noh Mask. But one of the famous ones is the protagonist mask. I don't know what the mask named exactly is, but it has less expression. For more detail information about Noh Mask. Although it's not a "ghost" mask, but it looks a bit creepy with white face and high elevation brows. In my opinion.

Halloween Makeup
Halloween Makeup

This makeup is a bit tricky and needs more effort to create. I don't have the Japanese facial feature, particularly the eyes. I have round eyes so I have to take pictures with this angle to make it works. The bald eyebrow effect is the most struggling to create. Luckily, I made the bald eyebrows nicely although they a bit messy. What do you think? Is it creepy? Or funny?

     Bald Brows Effect      

UHU Glue Paper Stick
LA Girl Pro HD Concealer - Creamy Beige

L'Oreal Pro Matte Foundation #104 Golden Beige
Missha M Magic cushion Cover #23
Johnson's Baby Powder 
Sleek Contour Kit #Medium

Zoya Ultimate Eyeliner 01 Black Ink (Review)
Skinfood Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline The Nudes Palette

Zoya Lip Paint - Pure Red (Review)

Check these beautiful and gorgeous Beauty Blogger's Halloween Makeup.

BELLA (IG: @amandatorquise)
CHRISTIN (IG: @christin_bun)
JESSICA (IG: @jessica_ie)
LIMAS (IG: @limaszi)

MEILINDA (IG: @meilinda_aline)
MINDY (IG: @mgirl83)
RYEN (IG: @hincelois_jj)
SYLVIA (IG: @phieselphie)

Thank you for Jessica who invited me into this collab. I am very excited to collaborate with these beautiful bloggers. I hope this makeup collaboration gives you inspirations to make a Halloween makeup in the last minute. :D

Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you ready for it? What do you think about my makeup and my fellas? Share your thoughts and I want to know what Halloween makeup you create this year!
Thank for reading and Happy Halloween! ^^

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14 komentar:

  1. I think it's funny! Lucu Dis, lihat alis kamu... kesannya malah cute, hehee
    Btw, kalau makeup pakai UHU glue gitu bersihinnya susah nggakk, Dis? aku belum pernah coba soalnya...


    1. Tuh kan.. banyak yang ngetawain alisku wkwkwk XP
      Gampang banget kok Cin, tinggal kompres cleansing water sambil digosok2 pelan lepas kok. Ga bikin alis kecabut juga. lebih gampang daripada lem bulu mata malah.

  2. Balasan
    1. Wkwkwk aku gagal bikin makeup halloween ceritanya. Pada bilang alisku lucuk XD

  3. makasih juga udah join! :D
    Keren XD Aku belum step up my game buat pake lem xD
    Next time mau coba! Nice post layout anw. :D

    1. Yuk yuk cobain jess. Aku pertama kali nyoba lem juga nih :D
      Thank for liking my post layout hehe :P

  4. Oalaaahhh Noh toh.... pipinya kurang gendut mbak. Gendutin lagi :p


  5. wkwk mukamu tanpa ekspresi dis..
    simple tp baguss :D

  6. lucu tp nyeremin jg sih dis haha XD eh itu ngekover alisnya pake apa? concealer doang?


    1. Astaga bilang lucu semua yak? Gagal bikin takut ceritanya XD
      Pake lem kertas baru ditumpuk concealer put.

  7. That's weirdly creepy...

    1. You are the first one who said that this makeup is creepy. lol


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