18 Feb 2015

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss - 01 Pure Chic Review

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 01 Pure Chic
Hi my readers. Last week I made a post about my Haul on February 2015 and got a request to make a review about one of them, it is Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss. As I mentioned in my Haul post, I actually did not plan to buy a lip gloss from this brand. I'm interested on Maybelline lipgloss, but it doesn't have applicator and very unhygienic. Then I look for clear lipgloss from other drugstore which had applicator and cheap of course. When i went to Royal Plaza Surabaya I came to Essence's booth and found this. Many beauty youtubers mentioned that Essence products are really good and i already tried their the automatic eyeliner. So I bought it immediately because I was curious about the results.

"timeless, trendy and beautiful! the wonderfully shiny lipglosses are available in bright as well as subtle shades. they give your lips a beautifully pampered look, amazing shine and fresh color. glossy and light on your lips - lipglosses Reviews These are simply irresistible!"

POLYBUTENE, OCTYLDODECANOL, Tocopheryl ACETATE, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, ethylparaben, AROMA (FLAVOR).
Distributed by           
PT. Easton Kaleris Indonesia

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 01 Pure Chic
Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 01 Pure Chic
Very simple and looks luxurious. The bottle is made of clear plastic and silver color on the lid and writings. Unfortunately, the lid and the writing are easily scratched as seen on picture above. I bought a fresh new products, but a few days before i took the pictures I brought it to travelling. When i took it out from makeup bag it has been in bad condition. My bad. And it has no seal. Essence products commonly has no seal anyway.

There is an embossed letter "E" which is the logo of "Essence" on the lid . It has applicator so it doesn't make your finger dirty. The applicator is long and flat which easier to spread the contents.

I chose No. 01 Pure Chic. Actually it has many colors, but I need a clear gloss which can be applied on top of all lipstick colors. The colored shade has sparkles, but this clear one hasn't. And lucky this shade has entered Indonesia. The texture is like lipglosses in general. However, when i used this lipgloss it is not greasy like others. It feels like to wear layered lipbalm which give me moisturizing impression and has no taste. The thing that i love is its scent. So rare to find lip products that has vanilla scent. Most of them smells like strawberry, orange, etc. And plus point, Essence lipgloss does not make my sensitive lips itch.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 01 Pure Chic

- The price is affordable. IDR 39,500
- The vanilla scent is really nice
- No taste
- Give me moisturizing feels
- Does not make my lips itch
- Hygienic
- Travel friendly
- Luxurious packaging design

- No seal
- The staying power is so so
- The packaging easily scratched
- Parabens!

Considering to no seal and easily sctratched, I have to think twice to buy this again. Even though I actually love this product in price, scent, texture, and other aspects. Moreover, it has a lot of contents too.

Do you love this product? Have you ever tried it? What is your favorite lipgloss?
Thank you for reading. See you on next post ^^

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12 komentar:

  1. sayang banget still contain parabens :3 .
    anw nice review kak, buru2 catet ini ke wishlist . soal ny emang lg nyari lipgloss yg no color gini.


    1. Hai Airin. Nyari produk yang no paraben emang susah dear.
      Thanks udah mampir ya.. ^^

  2. wah baru tahu , kemasannyaa nicely gini . langsung masukkin wishlist . nice review dear . salam kenal.

  3. mau tanya deh kak, emang paraben kenapa sih? kok banyak yang menghindari paraben?
    anw nice review ^^ salam kenal yah ^^

    1. Hai Wilna.
      Sebenarnya paraben aman kalau kadarnya sesuai. Kamu bisa baca disini http://www.vemale.com/body-and-mind/cantik/36757-benarkah-paraben-dapat-menyebabkan-kanker.html
      Tapi tetap aja kan itu bahan kimia. Kalau menurutku, lebih baik pilih yang free paraben.
      Salam kenal juga. Makasih udah mampir ya ^^

  4. Salam kenal sis, mau tanya klo di royal plaza booth essence sebelah mana ya?

    1. Hai Runa, salam kenal juga..
      Lt.2 tepat di depannya booth Zoya seingatku. Makasih sudah mampir ^^

  5. wah aku baru tau ada produk ini, thanks reviewnya ya ;)

  6. Vanilla scented lip gloss sounds good!

    Also, just to let you know I host a makeup and beauty link up on my blog http://www.fabulousandfunlife.blogspot.com.au from Mondays through to Wednesdays (Sydney time). You are most welcome to link up there with us if you like!

    1. Sure, I'd love to link up there. Thank for coming :)


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